Connecting professionals who link resources to help others

The Michigan Association of Service Coordinators is a state-wide organization representing Service Coordinators, social workers, and others who have made a commitment to assist low income families, senior citizens and the disabled to maintain their dignity and obtain the highest level of services available to them within the community.

The vision of MASC is to provide a professional organization that will encourage and support Service Coordinators in their mission of serving low income families, elderly, and disabled in the community. This will be achieved by providing each member with the opportunity to network, encouraging them to share knowledge and resources to ensure mutual success, and to provide educational opportunities. Inherent in our vision is maintaining a high level of commitment to the professionalism of the organization and respect for the dignity of our residents.



During a Service Coordinator’s conference held in Ohio during 1996, some Michigan Service Coordinators discussed the need for quarterly meetings to provide support, share knowledge, and assist each other in achieving excellence in this new field of service being offered to low income seniors and families. The focus of these meetings were to develop and promote a standard of practice, set goals and objectives, standardize documentation, and provide a support network for both new and existing Service Coordinators to share problems and expertise. The goal was collaboration for excellence not competition.

In May of 1997, the initial networking meeting was organized and hosted by Barbara Smith at the McGivney-Bethune Apartment, Detroit, Michigan. Nine Service Coordinators came together to share ideas and their vision of service coordination.

In the fall of 2000, Michigan Service Coordinators discussed the need for more frequent meetings and educational opportunities. The result was the formation of the Michigan Association of Service Coordinators or MASC. Since then, MASC membership has grown immensely and has proven to be an effective tool within the profession.